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I looked like Bae... The CoCo and Chanel

Happy Thursday Folks!

Do you guys scroll past the give-away announcements on social media like I do? I be feeling like it's a 100 entries already so what are the odds that I'd win anyway. Well, I tried something different last month when Fashion Stylist D. Ni'Cole was feeling generous. She was giving away a  black and white 'The  COCO and Chanel" sweatshirt... and I'll be dog-onnnn', I won!  ( Mood: If this is any indication as to how 2019 will go, I'm with it!)

 I've had the pleasure of being inspired by this GEM (D. Ni'Cole) for more than a few years now! We're both "Southern Girls" so I feel like we connect on a different level! She's launched a branded Sweatshirt and Tee-Shirt line SBDNC , that features some mind reading, classy but sassy, catch phrases that will have EVERYBODY stopping to see what your shirt says! Trust Me I Know! LOL

The Sweatshirt is Uni-Sex in size and runs big. I was in between wearing it as a shirt dress or a crop top. It wasn't as flattering as a shirt dress so the crop top option won. 
Keeping it crisp, I paired it with a black and white pinstripe shirt dress I've had for a while from Rainbow Shops and some white booties from Shoe Show 
You can find the Sweatshirt (Here),  Booties (Here),  and a similar Shirt Dress (Here)

You should know by now, a pop of color is my trademark. Pink tassel earrings completed my look. Side note: I probably need to lay off the tassel earrings 😓 No promises tho! 

I wore this in Atlanta a few weeks ago and it was definitely what I call a conversational piece. I looked like BAE! Thank you D. Ni'Cole !!!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a great weekend! 


E. Louise 
Shapely Louise  

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